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Benefits of bespoke wardrobes: what to pay attention to

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Benefits of bespoke wardrobes: what to pay attention to
Made to measure wardrobes belongs to the high end class of furniture.
Despite the high enough price, it allows creating unique interiors full of harmony, and maximally rational use of each centimeter of the room. This is especially important in small apartments. Using the services of a professional designer you can easily fit your wardrobe even in the complex shaped space.
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A wardrobe is probably the most important pieces of furniture in a fitted bedroom. For this reason, you need to think long and hard about the type of wardrobe you will install in the space. There are many types of wardrobes for you to choose, so this might be a little complicated. On the flip side, you can be guaranteed that you will find a product that will suit your taste and preference.
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The Best Wardrobe for a Fitted Bedroom

Choosing colors for your house can be complicated, especially if you have a partner. The style of your bedroom and wardrobe has to suit both of your personalities and styles, and it can be hard to find that sweet middle spot. The key here is to always consider the mood you want to inspire when in the bedroom. You can set the mood by considering these three groups of popular hues.
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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bespoke Wardrobe

These types of wardrobes can improve the space economy of your bedroom, and they come with many other benefits. They are also designed to accommodate your specific needs, meaning they will not be larger than necessary. Unlike freestanding wardrobe, they do not have gaps on the sides since they don’t need to be carried around.
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Things You Should Know About Fitted Wardrobes

Selecting a wardrobe can become a big challenge, and the range of door types makes it even more complicated. Before selecting wardrobe, you must learn about the different door types so that you make the best decision. At Bespoke, we make wardrobes with all types of doors, so you should not hesitate when describing your preferences.
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Choosing Doors of the Wardrobe

When selecting the material and finish of your wardrobe, you will need to consider many things. One element which will dramatically affect the look of the final product is the material and finish used. You should always choose materials which are practical and attractive. Also, make sure you consider the prices of the materials.
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Choosing the Material and Finish of Your Wardrobe

If you are enthusiastic about wardrobe designs, you will definitely need to pay close attention to the finish you select. The finish can make a regular wardrobe look remarkable. You should note that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to choosing a finish for your wardrobe.
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Selecting a Stylish Finish for Your Wardrobe
Wardrobes are bulky pieces of furniture, and buying them might need some planning and costs. There are a few things you can check to make sure you have the most seamless buying experience.
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Some Logistics to Consider When Ordering Fitted Wardrobe
If you decide to create an interior in today's minimalist style, you need to follow the advice of designers and go through four steps. City Wardrobes will tell you about them so that you can get the desired minimalists effect in your interior, without the help of specialists.
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Four Steps to Create a Space-saving Interior
City Wardrobes continues to introduce you to interesting interior styles. Today we’ll talk about such an interesting direction as a shaker. We give examples of interiors in the style of a shaker to visually evaluate their features.
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Shaker Style In The Interior
Sliding wardrobes quickly gained popularity, thanks to a stylish appearance, capacious shelves and usability. Sliding doors do not “eat up” useful space when opening, unlike swing counterparts, which is especially true for owners of small apartments.
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Which is Better: Built-In Sliding Wardrobe or Freestanding
Useful additional features for your closet and dressing room
Wardrobes (built-in, freestanding, sliding doors) or walk-in wardrobe are main storage space in any house or apartment. But it is not easy to keep them tidy and organized. To put everything on the shelves and in the drawers, you can use the features that will be mentioned in this article.
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Six options for drawing up furniture composition
Simply purchasing beautiful bespoke furniture is not enough to create a harmonious interior. All furnishings should be combined with each other, carefully placed. City Wardrobes gives you six ways to arrange furniture in a room so you can make the right choice.
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Designing a perfect dressing room
Learning from professionals is always beneficial! In the field of interior furnishing, too. In this article City Wardrobes will tell you exactly how professional designers approach the design of a dressing room, which will become the main storage place in an apartment or house.
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