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Shaker Style In The Interior

City Wardrobes continues to introduce you to interesting interior styles. Today we’ll talk about such an interesting direction as a shaker. We give examples of interiors in the style of a shaker to visually evaluate their features.

The most famous element in this design direction was the kitchen with cabinets in the style of a shaker. Pay attention to their characteristic facades. Very concise, beautiful, functional. Such cabinets are very popular in various countries of the world. The impeccably simple, even, square design of the cabinets gives them a special charm, makes them recognizable at first sight.
At one time, shaker fitted wardrobes became an innovative example of carpentry. Such furniture is rightly called timeless, it does not go out of fashion for decades.
Interestingly, last year the shaker spoke about a new round of growth in the popularity of the shaker style at the Paris exhibition of furniture design and decor.
In general, the style of a shaker can be described in just one phrase — this is a simple, solid, pragmatic design. No frills, very calm and functional. According to the designers, the American style shaker has much in common with the Scandinavian direction of interior decoration.

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