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Bespoke wardrobes in London.
City Wardrobes is a fast growing London-based producer of high-quality fitted wardrobes.
In designing and producing our hinged and sliding wardrobes or walk-in closets we strive to focus on your individual needs and wishes.
Our highly qualified team ensures that quality is not compromised.
So do not hesitate to contact us to set up your free consultation or book a free home visit of our designer.
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Which is Better: Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes or Freestanding

Sliding wardrobes quickly gained popularity, thanks to a stylish appearance, capacious shelves and usability. Sliding doors do not “eat up” useful space when opening, unlike swing counterparts, which is especially true for owners of small apartments. It remains only to decide whether to buy a freestanding or built-in wardrobe? Let's try to figure it out.

Which cabinet is more expensive?

Any built-in furniture that is made to order according to your size will cost more than cabinet furniture. But when ordering a built-in cabinet, you can vary its content as you wish, then you can save on shelves and accessories. We recommend choosing a design based on the dimensions of the room. If the room is small, it is better to give preference to cabinet furniture, it will look less bulky. City Wardrobes uses high-quality materials and works with only reliable suppliers, which allows you to keep the price lower than that of competitors. If the room is large, then it is more advisable to order a built-in wardrobe. It will be a visual continuation of the wall and more harmoniously fit into the interior. The total cost of a separate and built-in wardrobe is approximately the same. A lot depends on the size, internal content and the number of doors.

Advantages of fitted wardrobes:

• Affordable price. We have already said that you can vary the content of your own free will. If you abandon the case box and expensive retractable hangers, you can save a lot.
• Lack of gaps between a floor, a ceiling and walls. Under the condition of high-quality assembly, dust does not penetrate into the cabinet, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

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