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Projects Gallery

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Office Storage Solution

These largely open shelves are about giving you quick access to everything you need from your stationery to books and accessories.  Cupboards taking up the bottom third of the wall while shelves occupy the remaining two-thirds. The setup offers a lot of storage space for books or archive documents. A small fitted wardrobe with hinged doors is part of the installation. It is ideal for coats and everything else that needs hanging. A counter on one part of the room provides space to arrange enough working space for two people. This addition to the wardrobe helps unclutter other room. The unobstructed windows make sure that natural light reach the sitting spaces. Still, we included overhead lighting just above the shelving to ensure there's adequate illumination, especially at night.
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Optimal Space Bedroom Wardrobe

The simple but classy wardrobe is fitted on one end of the room such that it is out of the way. It is a plain design of a traditional wardrobe with hinged double doors. The wardrobe is divided into three sections, so your little one has plenty of room for everything, including toys. In the middle section, you have drawers and a shelf for hanging clothes. The other two parts have shelves of different sizes. You can decide where to keep the folded garments, shoes and other items. The whole wardrobe is made of wood, which gives the room a cozy feel. It has white doors but you can pick any color to match the room's decor. Customers also have the choice of selecting the configurations they want behind the hinged doors. If you want more drawers or shelves, we can make it work.
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Living Room Storage and Sliding Door Wardrobe

This project was for living and bedroom storage. For the living room, we went with a stack of shelves and bottom drawers. The setup has an area for a flat-screen TV and shelving around it for artwork, books and other knickknacks. Anything you want to be kept out of sight or away from children can be stored in the drawers. The wardrobe is a beautiful installation with a translucent sliding door. Although it's a walk-in, we designed the wardrobe to occupy a small space and the sliding door helps a great deal. We included light fixtures in the wardrobe because it doesn't have windows to let in light. You have shelves and drawers for storage as well as a small area underneath for shoes. The black glass door contrasts nicely with the plain white inside the wardrobe.
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Modern Sliding Door Wardrobe

The doors of this fitted sliding wardrobe are built such that you can open the two sides at the same time. We put shelving at the top of the wardrobe for those rarely used items that you don't want blocking your access. One side of the wardrobe has the hanging space for shirts, coats and jackets. The other section is a set of drawers and shelves. Overhead lighting in the wardrobe makes sure that you can see every corner. The interior of the wardrobe is made from natural wood that gives this piece its elegance. When closed, the sliding doors blend in with the wall perfectly, creating harmony in the room. You can even hang a painting in the middle section, so it looks likes part of the decor. The sliding doors are colored gray to match the bedroom walls, and we can do the same for your wardrobe.
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Wardrobe and Cupboard Set

With the living installation in this project, we aimed to offer all-around fitted storage. The wall unit has a center stand for the TV and open shelves on either side. We added a few shelves at the top with hinged doors. The bottom part has drawers for out-of-sight storage of those pesky cables and other items. We added two doors for the entire wall unit so you can keep valuables safe. The wardrobe is a classic two-door installation built to maximize on a small space. It doesn't have many frills, which is part of the charm. The drawers and shelves are arranged neatly from top to bottom. This particular wardrobe is perfect if you have a lot of folded clothes and not many to hang. We designed the hanging space on either side of the wardrobe. The white wood panels used for the doors add warmth to the neutral walls.
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Wardrobe with Integrated TV Stand 

We created this fitted wardrobe to offer a bit of everything for the bedroom. The wardrobe has three sections. In the middle, you get a spacious shelve for your TV. The stand is large enough for a screen of any size, so there is no limitation. Below the stand is a simple shelve that you can use for your books, set top box or anything else. You can use the bottom space for your shoes, especially when you don't want to open the wardrobe. One side of the wardrobe has the hanging space while the other has a chest of drawers and shelves. You get more than ample storage for all your garments. The middle section is open-plan while the others have hinged doors.
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Bespoke Wardrobe for Your Needs

Here is a project with different pieces that we designed to suit varying requirements. One is a walk-in wardrobe with cupboards at the bottom and shelving at the top. We used white wood for the shelves, which contrasts with the brown of the natural wooden floor. The second piece is a children's storage space that combines shelves for different sizes. Some shelves have handle-less doors while others are open-plan. The bottom shelves are perfect for storing shoes. You can display toys and kids' art on the open shelving. Our third piece in this collection is a classic Scandinavian wardrobe with narrow sliding doors. An extension on the exterior of the wardrobe makes a nice stand for your accessories. The last piece is a modern glass wardrobe with mirrored sliding doors.
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Customized Walk-in Wardrobe 

Are you looking for a personalized walk-in wardrobe? This project gives an idea of what we can accomplish. Shelves occupy a big section of the fitted wardrobe. The shelves are arranged in rows action the room. You can decide which shelves to use for what; whether it's footwear or t-shirts. At the center of the room, we put a small standalone cupboard with drawers on every side. The top of the cupboard has a display area with a glass casing. You can use this for watches, jewelry and belts. It's perfect for showing off your prized possessions. For the cupboard, we choose a natural wood that matches the flooring. The shelves are in a slightly darker shade that contrasts with the off-white on the walls. We installed a full-length mirror on one side of the wardrobe, which makes the place feel roomier than it is.
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Dark Wood Bespoke Wardrobe

The dark wood we used for this project makes this piece stand out. Its rich coffee color matches the white perfectly fitted shelving. When you enter the bedroom, the first section is a hanging space with two simple shelves below it. The column attached next has a chest of pullout drawers taking up the bottom half and shelves the rest of the way. You can allocate one shelve clothes and the bottom one to shoes. We didn't include a panel on one side of the wardrobe to save on space, so the shelves look like displays. They are ideal for showcasing your watch collection or unique jewelry. You can also add a personal touch by displaying photos on these shelves. We installed lights just above the shelves, so you don't have to find items when it's dark. This piece is built for a small bedroom.
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Mirrored Sliding Door Wardrobe

This stunning piece is what your bedroom needs to complete that modern decor theme you have going on. We blended mirrored sliding doors with a black interior to create this elegant masterpiece. The exterior is divided into three equal parts, which are the sliding doors. With the mirrored surfaces, your room feels lighter and bigger than it is. You can also be sure to catch a reflection of yourself before walking out the bedroom. The wardrobe has hanging space and shelves, but we can tailor the interior however you prefer. The other piece in this project is a simple but tasteful dressing table. It has a mirror and small drawers for your storage solutions. We sectioned part of the wall beside the mirror to install glass shelves that are perfect for photos and small items.
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6-Door Classic Style Wardrobe

If your bedroom has space to spare, this project is one inspiration you can look at for the perfect storage unit. The cappuccino-colored wooden doors are large and imposing, which gives the wardrobe a strong presence. We used silver handles for the hinged doors and plain white shelving, which stand out nicely. The wardrobe occupies the entire wall. A third of the installation is dedicated to hanging space with two shelves at the top. The middle has shelves and drawers as does the last section. With so much storage space available, this wardrobe is suitable for a couple with many things to put away. Tell us your preferences for the interior configurations, and we will make it happen. We can customize the finish of the wooden doors according to specific demands.
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All-around Fitted Storage

This project includes storage for the living room, office and bathroom. For the living room, we have a stack of shelves and a bespoke cupboard installed between two walls. This setup is designed with the space constraints of the particular living room in mind. The shelves are ideal for books, pictures and artwork display. You can use the cupboard below for valuables. You can get one or more installations like these depending on the space and requirements. Our bathroom storage is a true wonder. We went for a minimalist style with no handles on the cabinet doors. The cabinets are just above the toilet, which makes great use of the available space. We finished the surfaces in matte black to add a modern touch to the bathroom. The last installation in this project is for a home office. It includes shelving and cabinets.
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Built In Wardrobes Set

Another project showcasing what we can do when you trust us with your bedroom storage solutions. The first one is a smart design for a small bedroom. We built this shelving for shoe storage. It has a hinged door to keep your footwear in place and out of sight. The next piece is a traditional wardrobe style with a dressing area in the center and storage options on either side. You have drawers below the dressing table and a spacious counter to place your toiletries. The wardrobe interior can change according to your storage requirements. In the next project, we made bathroom cabinets to provide a homeowner with sufficient room for everything in there. The installation is a combination of cabinets and drawers. Our last piece is an open-plan wardrobe with long narrow shelves and space for a flat screen TV.
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Family Bedroom Wardrobe

This bespoke wardrobe project makes clever use of space by providing an optimal amount of space whilst occupying very little itself. Its dark gray matte-finished exterior complements the lighter gray tones used within the flat and contrasts nicely with the clean white baseboards. The left wardrobe contains ample space for hanging coats and jackets as well as a storage compartment below for your accessories and other bits and bobs. The center wardrobe contains shelves that are ideal for trousers and bags. If you’ve got more shoes than you’d like to admit, the lower compartment will keep them organized and free of dust. The right wardrobe has plenty of space for suit jackets, blazers, and your favorite shirts.
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Alcove Space Bedroom Wardrobes

This fitted furniture design maximizes space by introducing two double hanging rails and top shelf for large items. Owing to its more spacious interior, this design is great for couples or if you’ve just got a medium clothing collection.
The left wardrobe contains a large space ideal for hanging coats, jackets, and your longer items, but it also boasts a generous amount of space above to keep blankets, linens, or other items you don’t use so frequently. Keeping your linens and clothing away from dust mites leads to healthier breathing and a cleaner aesthetic in your flat, so don’t neglect overhead compartments!
The right wardrobe has ample room for all your shirts, jackets, and blazers. A hanging area at an easy arm’s length gives you great access to your shirts, or you can split them between you and your partner as you like.
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Master Bedroom Wardrobe

This wardrobe project showcases the great possibilities of a bespoke wardrobe in a minimal space. Ideal for bedrooms and small studio flats, this wardrobe has two large compartments and a sleek dark gray color that blends perfectly into the wall color.
The left wardrobe has four shelves with ample room for all of your accessories, jumpers, and trousers in the top half, while the bottom half contains a large shoe storage space to keep them free of dust and dirt.
Shirt, jacket, and blazer hanger space makes up the right half of the wardrobe. Upper and lower compartment space is also designed to keep your other goods out of sight and tidy.
What really stands out with this wardrobe is just how little space it occupies!
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Made To Measure Fitted Wardrobe 

Another happy customer have got his perfectly finished sloping ceiling wardrobe designed and installed by City Wardrobes. This project allows existing bed-in-the-box unit to be replaced into full double bed by the possibility of removing the middle part of the wardrobe. The client now has plenty space for hanging clothes and keeping all other essential stuff. Made of the high quality materials, such as MFC doors and carcass, push to open systems, German soft close hinges etc., this fitted wardrobe provides excellent value for money. The selected color fits perfectly with the green walls, making the room more visually spacious. A well-designed interior layout allows the most efficient use of every inch of cabinet space.
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Sloping Ceiling Bespoke Wardrobes

This sloping wardrobe is perfect for homeowners who want storage solutions for small spaces. It is measured to fit in the space without making the room feel too cramped. The wardrobe has hinged spray painted doors and a set of overhead storage with double doors. We used the space above the bed to provide ample storage in a room with space constraints. The wardrobe has two small bedside drawers attached. We sized the installation according to the shape of the ceiling, factoring in every part of the room. The use of a neutral color gives the space a comfortable feel and reflects the natural light coming in through the window. If you have a loft space that you intend to convert into an extra bedroom, then this is the wardrobe to get. We need precise measurements of the area to create a storage space that gives the room personality.
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Walk-In Wardrobe

This lovely fitted walk-in wardrobe is an excellent home decoration. Perfectly thought out to the smallest detail and made with high quality materials! Fully bespoke and made to measure wardrobe is a perfect option for property designed in contemporary style.
Drawer's fronts and front parts of the shelves made from high end material available on the market - spray painted MDF.

Such storage solution creates a lot of space for clothes, shoes, jewellery items and other essentials, and at the same time leaves a lot of useful space in the room empty.
If you are interested in building similar walk-in-wardrobe for your home, do not hesitate to contact City Wardrobes.
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