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Four Steps To Create A Space-Saving Interior

If you decide to create an interior in today's minimalist style, you need to follow the advice of designers and go through four steps. City Wardrobes will tell you about them so that you can get the desired minimalists effect in your interior, without the help of specialists.

• Step One — Color Scheme

When planning the finishing of a room, you need to choose restrained, neutral shades. Minimalism does not tolerate too bright colors and rich tones. You can stop at the following options:
- White, gray, black. This is a classic of minimalism;
- Beige with a splash of brown, shades of natural wood;
- Pale blue in combination with white;
- Discreet olive, also diluted with wood tones or white.
To the interior did not end up being too sterile and cold, you should combine different textures.

• Step Two — Lighting

The interior in the style of minimalism should create the impression of airiness, lightness. In no case should the room look dark and crushed! Therefore, there should be a lot of light. But chandeliers with pendants are inappropriate. Choose from spotlights, LED strips, track lighting systems.
Windows should preferably be left without curtains, which are more suitable for classic interiors. If you need to hide from the sun in the summer, install shutters that are almost invisible when folded.

• Step Three — Storage

The most important thing to create a truly minimalist interior is to hide things. Ideally, everything that is in the apartment should be stored in one room — a dressing room, about which the City Wardrobes wrote in detail. You can and should use such hidden storage places as drawers under the bed, laconic, built-in wardrobes and so on.
It is advisable to choose fitted wardrobes with facades without handles, with doors that can be opened by pressing. You can try to disguise storage systems by the colour of the walls so that they become as less noticeable as possible.

• Step Four — Textures

To revitalize the interior and adhere to the principle of minimalist style, you should use glass, stone, metal and wood. It is important at the same time not to cross the line, turning the house into a loft due to the abundance of metal parts. For minimalism, it is better to choose glass, acrylic furniture, light, carefully crafted wood.

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