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How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Bespoke Wardrobe

Choosing colors for your house, same as ordering a bespoke wardrobe in London can be complicated, especially if you have a partner. The style of your bedroom and wardrobe has to suit both of your personalities and styles, and it can be hard to find that sweet middle spot. The key here is to always consider the mood you want to inspire when in the bedroom. You can set the mood by considering these three groups of popular hues:

• Calm and Soothing

Most people like to inspire a soothing and calm mood in the bedroom. This is actually the safest option and the one should go for if you are extremely overwhelmed with the wardrobe colors. Some of these colors include ivory, black, taupe, gray, and white.

• Soft and Serene

These colors are peaceful and elegant. To create this mood, you can choose colors like soft blues, green, yellow, lavender, and pink. These colors will generally make your bedroom wardrobe look elegant and sophisticated.

• Expressive

Expressive colors are bold and bright. If you like this level of expression, you can go for colors like coral, dark green, and red. A few combinations can perfect the look of your wardrobe. Painting the bedroom walls can be a little complicated if you want to go for an expressive wardrobe. One thing you should remember is that the walls don’t all have to be of the same color.

A final thing you should consider when choosing the color of your bedroom is the size of your room. Some colors can make your room appear larger. Light colors are generally better for small rooms since they magnify the space.

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