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Bespoke wardrobes in London.
City Wardrobes is a fast growing London-based producer of high-quality fitted wardrobes.
In designing and producing our hinged and sliding wardrobes or walk-in closets we strive to focus on your individual needs and wishes.
Our highly qualified team ensures that quality is not compromised.
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Selecting a Stylish Finish for Your Wardrobe

If you are enthusiastic about wardrobe designs, you will definitely need to pay close attention to the finish you select. The finish can make a regular wardrobe look remarkable. You should note that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to choosing a finish for your wardrobe. They have to be selected based on the general mood of the bedroom, and they should also match your personality and preference.

Here are some stylish finished for your fitted wardrobe:

• Veneer

Veneer finish can create a classic look and is ideal for rooms with dark colored walls. This finish resembles the appearance of polished wood. In fact, it is made of thin layers of natural wood. One problem you should keep in mind is that veneer requires high levels of maintenance since it can easily get scratched. You will need to polish it now and then.

• Laminate

Laminate is another popular wardrobe finish. Although it is very stylish, it comes at a very low price. This finish comes in different colors and designs, including matte and gloss. Unlike veneer, this one is scratch-resistant and can be cleaned easily.

• Lacquer

This finish provides a glossy look to your wardrobe. It is available in different designs and colors, so you can easily make it work for your room. However, the finish is most commonly used in European homes that have vivid colors.

These are the most common wardrobe finishes available. Other less popular options include leather, stainless steel, glass, and mirror. You can ask the Bespoke customer service team for advice about these types of finishes.

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