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Six Options For Drawing Up Furniture Composition

Simply purchasing beautiful bespoke furniture is not enough to create a harmonious interior. All furnishings should be combined with each other, carefully placed. City Wardrobes gives you six ways to arrange furniture in a room so you can make the right choice.

The first way is symmetry

It involves the use of paired objects. The most striking example is two identical armchairs in the living room on the sides of the sofa. Or two sofas opposite each other in the living room, conducive to communication. Or two bedside tables or fitted wardrobes on either side of the bed.

The second way is asymmetry

The opposite option. Furniture items can be located opposite each other, but they are different, there is no single picture. This option is more informal and suitable for modern interiors with their mixture of styles. Designers assure that it is more difficult to arrange furniture asymmetrically and at the same time create a harmonious picture of the interior.

The third way is dominant

One noticeable piece of furniture, around which the others “dance”. The dominant can be large-scale. For example, it is always a king-size double bed in the bedroom. Or maybe color. For example, an unexpectedly bright sofa in the living room.

The fourth way is rhythm

Repetitive furnishings set it. For example, chairs around the dining table, the same lamps in a row, several different-colored poufs, and so on. An interesting design option, when the rhythmic row of furniture or decor items is broken by something that does not really fit into the picture.

The fifth way is static

It can be symmetrical or not. The furniture is solid, with massive legs or without them at all, timeless, dressers and drawers are low, the composition is stretched horizontally. This option may seem boring, but you can cope with it with the help of different shades and textures. But the composition will not go out of fashion for many years.

Sixth way — dynamics

Always assumes an asymmetrical arrangement of furniture, with clear vertical and horizontal lines, diagonals, contrasting shades. Dynamics can be set not only with furniture, but also, for example, with a diagonal floor covering with a pronounced pattern.

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