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Convenience of walk in wardrobes instead of usual fitted wardrobes was appreciated by many homeowners. When designing their future home, they must take into account the presence of a fairly spacious dressing room. City Wardrobes have put together ideas for you that will help make this room as comfortable and beautiful as possible. We are sure that creative ideas for creating an attractive and functional dressing room will definitely come in handy.

An island in the center of a spacious dressing room. Why, he needs a place in the kitchen, you say. This is actually very convenient. On the island's counter top in the center of the dressing room, it will be possible to temporarily place various items while you are going to leave the house. In addition, inside the island itself, you can plan for the availability of spacious drawers and cabinets. So this is a functional storage system. And it looks beautiful, unusual.

Shelves under the ceiling. In any dressing room you need to strive to use every corner of the space. Under the ceiling, you can store seasonal items that are unlikely to be needed in the coming months.

Note the interesting combination of islands in the dressing room and benches. In addition, the main storage systems are hidden behind frosted glass sliding doors. And the mess in the room is much smaller, it looks bright and orderly.

Dressing table. It is the “workplace” of the owner. In addition, it can be integrated into the storage system, it will take up little space. And it will definitely add convenience and functionality.

A collection of shoes on display. Why not, if the owner likes to show off new shoes in front of her friends
One or more cabinets with mirrored doors. And you do not need to look for a place for a mirror, and to see yourself in full growth is very easy.

Separate storage locations for bags and belts. It’s very convenient, you see, these small things will not just roll on shelves where it can be difficult to find them right away.
LED shelf lighting is not a luxury, but a necessity. It will make it possible to conveniently use the dressing room, where there are often no windows.

Boxes and baskets with inscriptions. Conveniently, you don’t have to open all shoe boxes to find black winter boots.
Rattan baskets, an old chest of drawers and curtains instead of doors. This dressing room is just a storehouse of ideas. A very attractive picture was the result, agree.
Special shallow box for jewelry. Here, by the way, you can store buttons, and other little things.

Such dressing room is small but very reasonably organized. The scarf storage system and the economical placement of shoe shelves, including high boots, are immediately striking.

And still high boots can be stored separately on a special rack so that the bootlegs do not wrinkle. You can try to make such a stand with your own hands.
But we were more interested in the retractable stock with clothes hangers. You can conveniently select and get a shirt without having to remember it at the same time.
The ideas are simple and logical, suitable for spacious rooms and for modest dressing rooms. We are sure that you will want to realize many of them in your home.

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