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These wall to wall made to measure wardrobes are the best bedroom furniture in helping users organize their belongings for a neat bedroom. It is spacious enough to ensure that all your belongings find a space inside and has compartments for better categorization. The bottom drawers of the bedroom wardrobes are a perfect storage space for foldable clothes while the long side spaces can be used for clothes that need hangers. There is no rule on what should go where meaning you can customize it to meet your preferences. You can also add your creativity for an appealing look after storage.

Made to measure pieces like these bespoke wardrobes are made using your specification and measurements to ensure that they fit your room in both height and length. The depth is also made according to your specification, given that some rooms may be small and cannot and space economy is paramount. This similarity between the wardrobe to your bedroom interior brings harmony to your bedroom, making it part of the space.

This fitted wardrobe is also made to fit varying user requirements. The design offers wide compartments that can take additional storage materials or bigger items. The huge spaces on in one of the compartments allow further customization such as holders for more wrinkle-free storage for trousers and skirts.

You can count on this furniture piece when it comes to quality. The exterior walls are made of spray-painted MDF while the interiors are made of high-quality MFC all with a reasonable thickness. The other accessories such as drawer runners and handles are also of a high-quality brand and well fitted to ensure durability.

Having this piece is a perfect way to show others your taste. Choosing the design, color and theme gives users the advantage of getting everything they want without missing a detail. You can choose a modern look or go for a semi-classical style with modern functionalities. Choosing the colors is the best way of creating a theme for your bedroom, given that the fitted wardrobe will take a considerable area. There are a variety of colors and elements that you can choose to show your taste.

One of these bespoke wardrobes benefits is space. It provides a lot of space enough to fit most if not all of your bedroom stuff. The set of drawers in the middle apartment can be used to store small garments such as underwear’s and stocks, while space above be used for almost anything. You also have hanging space with double doors at both ends.

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