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Bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to have bedroom wardrobes specifically tailored to customer space requirements. Whether your bedroom is a cozy hideaway or is on a large, elegant scale, bespoke wardrobes can be designed to ensure a perfect fit and a harmonious environment.

The look and style is equally important and with a wide range of shades you will be spoil for choice. From the cool tones of Super White Ash through to the deeper notes of Tobacco Pacific Walnut, you will find the color that complements your room and which can be made to measure.

Elegance and aesthetics are combined with efficiency and functionality in all our ranges of fitted wardrobes. This means that our wardrobes have ample space for clothes and include drawers and shelves for a variety of items and accessories and can be modeled to suit each homeowner's requirements.

Wardrobes range from semi-classical to modern styles in a fusion of the ornate with the functional, to synchronize with the theme and style of the bedroom. Each element of the wardrobe is chosen in consultation with the customer and fitted according to precise instructions.

Choice is of paramount importance in all aspects of our design and each model can be configured to suit individual preferences. The attention to detail is such that bespoke wardrobes can be ordered with durability specifications in terms of 18 mm or 3 mm back panels. Customers can also be confident that all wardrobes are eco-friendly and made from environmentally sustainable materials.

Made with outstanding materials, the bespoke design of our furniture offers a wide range of options and flexibility which cannot be found on the high street. Our made to measure designs fit the unique contours of each individual bedroom and give value for money without compromising on style, choice or quality.

Customization of all our models is highly rated by satisfied customers as a testimony to our ethos of ensuring clients are engaged at every step of the process and get exactly what they specify.

As a bedroom is a sanctuary to retire to at the end of each day, it is important to have proportion and style in equal measure and ensure all items blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room. See our wide range of options and styles for the perfect fitted wardrobe that will enhance every aspect of your bedroom and create a truly amazing look.

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