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GROSSETO - fitted wardrobe with sprayed shaker doors

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The Grosseto range is bespoke wardrobe, combining style with functionality, and elegance with durability. It lends a sense of elan to the room, while ensuring all belonging find a space inside the wardrobe.

Grosseto, like all fitted wardrobes, are made to measure. As such, it may be customised to sync with the size of the walls, the available height, and depth to suit the available space. It may be fitted to suit the contours of the walls, lending a sense of proportion to the room. The optimal design in relation to space lends a sense of harmony to the interiors.

Grosseto bedroom wardrobes are highly functional as well. The interiors may be customised to different configurations, to suit different requirements. Regardless of whether the requirement is more of hanger space, more of shelves, or a combination co-opting anything else, Grosseto's bespoke options fits all requirements well. These wardrobes may also be fitted to special or custom rack configurations, to suit any special or unique requirements. Such flexibility and accommodation of special options are not possible with standard ready-made furniture.

Grosseto is also noted for its high durability. The exteriors are comprised of spray-painted MDF. The interior parts are MFC with 2mm edges. The Back parts are 3mm or 18mm thickness. The drawer runners are made "BLUM," the popular and established brand for drawer runners.

The design of Grosseto bedroom wardrobes may be customized, to reflect any particular theme, style, or colour combination. One of Grosseto's key USP is its overriding simple and highly functional style. These wardrobes may be finished to either a semi-classical or modern look, offering a unique combination of an elegant and plain style, and a fusion of ornate with functionality, at the same time. The colour and texture may also be customised to sync with the overriding theme and colour combination of the room. While these wardrobes suit all rooms, it is best suited for medium and large sized rooms.

Grosseto bedroom wardrobe is also a reflection of the home owner's personality and approach. The rational use of every inch of space, combined with an overriding simple and functional theme gels in well with the dominant lean philosophy, which lays stress on optimising resources, without compromising anything else.

The best testimony to the Grosseto range comes from several satisfied customers, who have already installed it in their bedrooms, and rate it highly, on all counts. These highly utilitarian yet elegant wardrobes deliver all-round performance, combining spaciousness, functionality, design, style, and durability. Grosseto is a high-end option in all aspects, except the price. It is very attractive to price-conscious customers, delivering the best value for money among various wardrobe options.

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