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Hark back through time to capture the elegance and erudite whispers of the spirit of Florence with this bespoke wardrobe design of classical beauty made to measure for even the most discerning room. The Firenze wardrobe lends a sense of proportion and design elegance without sacrificing durability or functionality. Searching for high-quality fitted wardrobes that meet individual needs and wishes even Galileo Galilei would approve of this wardrobe.

The Firenze harmoniously provides all your belongings with their own place inside a custom-fitted design to suit any available space. Highly functional, the interiors may be customised to different configurations to suit different requirements from more hanger space, more shelf space, or a combination of custom rack solutions to flexibly suit your unique requirements. This flexibility and the added functionality afforded by accommodation of special options is something that is simply not possible with ready-made bedroom wardrobes. Customizations can reflect any particular theme, style or colour combination to reflect your room’s needs or personality while taking advantage of every inch of space with a simple and functional theme that gels well with those looking to optimise resources without compromising anything else.

Attention to detail goes beyond the merely aesthetic taste for beauty to ensure a highly durable design that will last. The exteriors are comprised of spray-painted medium density fiberboard so you know the unit is engineered to be strong and resilient and still match the colour scheme you are looking for. The interior parts are melamine faced chipboard with 2-millimetre edges to provide visual appeal and clean lines for your storage needs. The Back parts are 3 to 18 millimeters thick ensuring strength and stability where needed. The runners are made by the popular and established Blum brand to ensure all drawers close silently and effortlessly and opening to the lightest of touches.

Failure to understand this is as indispensable a choice as other necessary furniture leads many to go without a basic essential lifestyle piece and struggle to live comfortably without. Sometimes wrongly deemed an unnecessary expense, purchasing a wardrobe isn't a simple as popping in to the nearest high street furniture showroom and picking out the first item. Choosing the perfect modern wardrobe for the living space can constitute a sizeable investment and it may even need to follow you from home to home so the pressure to get it right, given that fitted wardrobes are a long-lasting solution, is essential to choose a future-proofed option you know will suit your personal taste and style for years to come. Keeping things simple is the answer. Choose a company that will manage the work from concept to completion and helps with construction and installation to avoid costly mistakes and making the whole process stress free.

If you have ever wanted to be inspired by the spirit of Florence in your own bedroom or be the best Galileo you can be then you owe it to yourself to find out how your life and home can be enriched by this custom bespoke wardrobe.

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