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How To  Choose Right Furniture Color

Buying new furniture is not only a pleasant but also a very important process. The interior and comfort of the room depends on the choice of model, color, functionality of the furniture set. The color of the furniture affects not only the design of the room, but also in many ways affects our mood and well-being. So you need to choose the best color for your furniture!

What are the colors of the furniture?

Firstly, in order to independently navigate in furniture catalogs when choosing furniture, you need to know the basic colors.

The variety of colors of furniture, especially if it is not made of natural wood, is simply amazing. The color palette has about 200 shades! You can choose the color of the facades, upholstery of upholstered furniture yourself by simply ordering the shade you like.

How to match the color of your furniture?

Secondly, when deciding how to choose the color of furniture, you need to focus on the followiing features.
Room size and illumination and color selection
How to choose the color of furniture for the size of the room will help some tips.

For a narrow, small room, furniture of light, cold shades is suitable, it will not load the room, visually expand the space.

It is recommended to equip a large, spacious room, whether it be a living room or a kitchen, with bright, color-rich furniture. Furniture in dark shades is also suitable here. In this case, it will not get lost among other interior items, fill the room and focus on the design of the furniture model.

Similar advice should be followed when choosing the color of furniture for a light or dark room. In a bright, sunny room, you can choose bright, saturated colors. Light shades of furniture are suitable for a darkened room.
Purpose of furniture and choice of colors
What color to choose furniture for the living room, kitchen, children's room? To choose the optimal color scheme and maximum comfort, try to choose light, calm shades of furniture in the bedroom, corridor, children's room.

In the rest of the premises, be it a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, different colors of furniture are suitable, taking into account the size of the room, the color of the wallpaper, the floor, the illumination of the room.

Choosing a color for the design and style of furniture

For example, painted MDF furniture can be of any color and shade, unlike classic wooden furniture, which is more suitable for the natural colors of a particular tree. The interior of classic style furniture will give a feeling of reliability, confidence and regularity of life.

When choosing the color of your furniture, carry out a comprehensive analysis. Pay attention to the combination of the shade of the furniture to the color of the walls, floors, curtains, decor elements in the room. Be guided by the recommendations of stylists, designers and even psychologists when choosing furniture. Our designers are ready to help you at any time with the choice of the most suitable furniture color for your home.

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