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Anyone who does not yet have a dressing room in his home probably dreams of making himself a place to store things, or even better, making the correct dressing room design.

The days when the walk-in wardrobes was considered the privilege of rich people are over. Now, dedicated clothing space is a practical, smart and beautiful way to store all of your belongings, from shoes to hats.

The advantages of a dressing room are countless. Firstly, this is order, and in it, as you know, it is easier to find what you need, especially when there is no time at all. Secondly, this is the best preservation of things: dresses and suits neatly hanging on a hanger retain their shape, do not wrinkle and, accordingly, serve their owners much longer. And finally, thirdly: the beautiful, ergonomic design of the dressing room fits perfectly into any space, without creating bulkiness and freeing up valuable meters for other purposes.

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