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A shaker style cloakroom closet is an amazing project for your home if you are looking to create some additional space in your cloakroom. This solution is budget-friendly and, at the same time, offers a design that can even stand the test of time. This fitted wardrobe is available in different colors to give it a stylish modern spray painted finish.

Apart from different layouts and colors, the shaker style cloakroom closet have stylish handles that serve both functionality and further highlight the modern look. These handles can withstand wear and tear from daily use as they are made from strong materials such as chrome, aluminum and stainless steel.

Like any other closet, the internal layout of these shaker style cloakroom wardrobe is structured depending on your needs as a client. With multiple shelving systems, you not only have enough storage space but also ensure you stay organized. If you are interested in this shaker style cloakroom closet, feel free to contact us for designing and manufacturing.

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